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to all of you so called “friends”

So friends don’t sneak in to other friends houses while they’re out of town. Friends are good to one another. FRIENDS DO NOT USE FRIENDS FOR THERE HOUSE AND TO HAVE PEOPLE OVER! get that through your head. and when you finally do… lemme know and maybe we can be friends.

oh and btw when someone is as good a friend to throw you a birthday party… be good to that person because it could be the last thing you ever see at that friends house. and when you break someones trust and you apologize… mean it. this is to kyle witt.

oh and to dima my name is LEXSIE! L.E.X.S.I.E! NOT LESLEY OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT! i am not just someone who you can come to when you’re bored. i was good to you and you continue to treat me like dirt… have a nice life ass hole.

F: practically family

R: respect for each other and there space

I: integrity 

E: everlasting

N: no matter what we’re there for eachother

D: don’t give up in till the very last second

^that is was the definition of a friend is… and im pretty sure that’s what i have been to ALL of you. return the favor every now and again please