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1. I wish I tried harder in everything i do

2. I dont have a ” best friend”

3. I have bad taste in people

4. i <3 scary movies

5. I really enjoy scarves

6. Im tired of being so nice & from now on im going to tell you to your face how it really is

7. Im blonde… if you didnt already know. AND IT IS NATURAL SO DONT ASK 

8. I have a seven foot christmas tree in my bed room because Christmas is my favorite season <3

9. I WILL go to UGA

10. Im ready to get this year over with… 

11. 2011… my fresh start… GET HERE ALREADY

12. I want a relationship but im scared.. 

13. I wish i was smart

14. I’ve changed alot not to get boys, not to get friends or please ANYONE! I did it for myself and I honestly am proud of myslef

15. Jesus Christ is my savior

16. I love Christmas

17. If you’re not real to me, don’t expect it in return

18. Heather Nicole Ford I love you so much and i confide in you for just about anyting

19. Holly lynn.. Hi i wuv you and im looking forward to our road trip… 3 short years away oh and i am as bored as you just fyi

20.I love Old People and when they tell me stories of ” When i was your age i used to always…..”

21. I now LOVE texting… so hit me up ;)

23. Flory: nobody knows me like you do. I love you so much and i miss you baby gurl

24. Music= life.

25. I wish facebook never existed because I would probably have A’s

26. I love my friends so please don’t mess with them because then you’ll have to go through me.. thanks 

27.I love boys

28. I love a good cry every now and then… i know lame

29. Hi

30. I love youuuuu