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Hi old friend. Things have been weird between us. Are we friends or not? When people ask me if we are, I honestly don’t know what to say… I hate being the one to admit it but its true. You and me are NOT friends. YOU never call me. YOU never care about me. YOU have someone new to replace me and your other “best friend.” I always have your back and I know you have mine, and I will always love and cherish that about our friendship. But lets get realistic here. Friends make attempts to hang out with each other! Friends care about how the other person is. Friends can take 5 minutes out of there “busy” schedule to check on the other person. But you and I are not friends. I always call you seeing what your up too and want to hang out. I am the one who is always trying to make plans with you. There is only so much I can take in till I just have to realize that you and I are no longer friends. I wish I could say we were but I’m not going to lie to myself any longer. I hope you continue to live your full amazing life with your boyfriend, best friend, and family! Goodbye old friend <3